BIGODE has grown in the upper mind of two non-believers, with the sole aim of transforming meaningless ideas and vacant thoughts into real life objects. With no creative boundaries, with no regard to object's function or it's history. Thinking and doing. No fear, no perfectionism, no bullshit.
Ok, maybe some bullshit.
Paulo Ribeiro
Paulo Ribeiro

Born more than one hundred years, in the twilight of any day on the year of 1977, Paulo - as he likes to call it - is now a totally unknown figurehead of a generation that doesn't know him, and that doesn't relegate him to any plan.

Longboarding national megachampion - surf and skate disciplines - he still seeks to achieve his balance. Literally. His favourite tricks are drop dead and floor breaking. He can't stand Alex Knost mega style, but Kassia Meador rules.

His designs - as his life - are based on simplicity and lack of logic. He's available for parties and cuddling, but only on Thursdays.



Vasco Da
Vasco Da

Born more than thirty years ago near Lisbon, son of a father and a mother, still lives in the suburbs, close to the ocean, which is great for dawn surfing.

Recognized since early ages for my skillful hands I always had a passion for creating... or destroying stuff.
"Oh, how talented he... I bet he’s going to turn out to be an outstanding fuck up!" said my granny every time I’d break something.

During my teen years, wich are almost over, I’ve done all kinds of sports. Mountain biking, football, bodyboard, rock climbing, surf, karate, figure skating, synchronized swimming, motocross, curling, pentathlon and Skateboarding. None with any success.

After many years pretending to be an architect, I’ve realized that my future was in electricity, so I become something like an electrician...but not quite.

The knowledge I’ve accumulated in the past couple of years helped me in lots of ways, such as finding out how to switch on the drill, or the wood planer... that I’d love to have.